Meet our Staff


Dr. Gabby Rotaru

Gabby Rotaru

Dr. Gabby Rotaru believes she has the best job in the world: if you think about it, what other job fills your heart with so much joy that it really brings tears to your eyes, makes you laugh and wonder, discover and create, is never boring and so uplifting? And in what other job can you feel that you truly make lives better (pets and owners alike) and learn every day from each and every pet you meet? There is this invisible bond that forms between you and all animal lovers that come through the door: owners and pets are a second family to her, they get to know each other, trust and respect each other and for this she is so grateful!

Dr. Gabby moved to Canada in 2001 with two cats and two dogs. She feels it was definitely one of the best decisions she ever made! She graduated in 1997 in Romania, Europe and has worked in the small animal field ever since.

Dr. Gabby truly enjoys the combination of internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, radiology and laboratory, which make her job so interesting. She also enjoys educating people how to prevent disease in their pets, this is where the true challenge is! Working emergencies for about 5 years before becoming the practice owner at Chestermere made her realize that some things can be prevented and it is up to us to help our pets stay out of trouble and stay healthy!

In her spare time she loves going biking and hiking or cuddling on the sofa with her two cats Ziggy and Felix. Yoga, gardening and feng shui are other ways Dr. Gabby uses to relax and appreciate all the blessings in her life.  

Dr. Kim Barclay

Kim Barclay

Dr. Kim Barclay was born in Vancouver, British Columbia but went to school and was raised in Alberta. She knew she wanted to be a veterinarian from the age of 5 years old! After going straight from high school to university, she was accepted into the veterinary program on her first application and went on to graduate at the top of her class. Dr. Kim never really thought about a different career or profession and is still just as passionate about Veterinary medicine as when she was 5 years old!

For Dr. Kim's first 25 years of practice she loved and pursued emergency veterinary medicine but eventually the late and long hours began to take a toll and she decided to move into more of a primary care role. Dr. Kim has found it both a fun and exciting time to learn and explore a different and more consistent aspect of veterinary medicine and more stable lifestyle. Trying to help clients and their pets BEFORE it becomes an emergency situation has become a new passion and interest for her. Dr. Kim joined the Chestermere team in 2017. 

Dr. Kim has always loved all animals but pets have always been the main loves in her life. Dr. Kim and her husband have 4 lovely pets, 2 dogs (Osi, a 12 year old cocker spaniel and Pebbles, a 6 year old mixed spaniel rescue), a wild rescue 8 year old cat named TikTak toes (because she has 6 toes on each foot) and a new addition Newton a Ragdoll cat who is incredibly cute and has brought ALOT of excitement and energy to the household!

As an athletic younger person, Dr. Kim was found to have a very serious heart condition. However, that has never slowed or stopped this stubborn red head and she continues to go for hikes in the mountains and down in the river valleys of Calgary and area with her husband. The couple love traveling and have been to Costa Rica, Australia, Belize, Galápagos Islands, England, Italy, France and many more countries and love to look and take pictures of all the unique wild life around the world. 

Dr. Roberto Martinez

Roberto  Martinez

Dr. Roberto Martinez was born and raised in Venezuela, a beautiful country with much geographic diversity. His decision to enter the profession of veterinary medicine was an easy one from an early age. Roberto was fascinated by animals, science, Jacques Cousteau and the Calypso, National Geographic documentaries and spent a lot of his vacation time at his uncle's farm where he got the chance to interact with live animals and help out in different aspects of farming. 

In 1994, Dr. Roberto graduated and spent one year in a small animal practice in Caracas. Later, he was hired and trained as a pathologist in a research institute. Dr. Roberto moved to Canada in 1996 as a MVSc student in veterinary pathology at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. After finishing his program he realized that pathology was not the career path he wanted to pursue. It was challenging as he could not see himself spending every day in a lab with minimal interaction with the public and most importantly, with animals. 

Dr. Roberto's other passions include traveling and volunteering. Dr. Roberto joined the Chestermere team in 2017. Dr. Roberto has acquired very valuable experiences from his work and has learned a great deal from the practices he has worked with. 

Dr. Maros Pazej

Maros Pazej

Originally from a small town in Slovakia, Dr. Maros grew up surrounded by animals. During his studies at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice, Slovakia he gained a strong interest in honeybee research. He also developed an interest in dentistry and small animal surgery. Dr. Maros graduated in 1996 from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice, Slovakia. Following graduation, Dr. Maros completed 3 years of a PhD study in honeybee diseases in Slovakia while simultaneously practicing at a veterinary clinic. Dr. Maros then relocated to Finland where he continued to practice veterinary medicine.

He moved to Calgary, in 2000 where he began work in respiratory research at the University of Calgary. In 2003, Dr. Maros began to working as a Veterinarian in a small practice in Medicine Hat and than as an emergency Veterinarian for a large referral and emergency hospital in Calgary. Dr. Maros joined the Chestermere team in 2017.

Dr. Maros has a very strong interest in surgery, small animal dentistry and is actively involved in many dental seminars. Dr. Maros is an active member of AVDS (American Veterinary Dental Society), ABVMA (Alberta Veterinary Medical Association) and CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association). Dr. Maros loves all outdoor sports, particularly soccer. He currently resides in Calgary with his wife and two children and gang of rescued Jack Russell Terriers named: Maximus (Max), Maruska and Mochi .

Our Team

Alex Irving
Registered Veterinary Technician

Alex Irving

Alex was born and raised in Calgary and had a love of animals right from the start. She knew that she wanted to become a veterinary technician even from a young age. She was fascinated with strays and would try to catch stray dogs and take them home with her. 

Alex joined the Chestermere Veterinary Clinic team in November 2017. She graduated from the Olds College Registered Veterinary Technician program in 2014. Her interests include surgery and internal medicine and she loves the challenge they present in needing to maintain a current knowledge base that is always growing. 

Her pets include 2 cats Bear and Ruffles, 2 dogs Bella and Molly and a horse named Mevin. Alex enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and his son, camping, hiking, and traveling. She currently volunteers for the Calgary Zoo and has ambitions to one day specialize and work in Zoo medicine.

Susan Herbert
Registered Veterinary Technician

Susan Herbert

Susan was raised on a farm north of Cochrane. She had a Scottish Terrier growing up, and purchased her first show dog as a teen, to start conformation and obedience showing. Her experiences with a variety of terrier breeds, their personalities and problems, led her to dog training - specifically clicker training with the Karen Pryor Academy of dog training. 

With her love of animals, it seemed clear that she needed to pursue a career in a related field. This led to a diploma in Animal Health Technology through Olds College. After graduating Susan enjoyed working in a variety of fields including 15 years in veterinary emergency medicine, and 10 years as a Manager of a Veterinary Reference laboratory. Susan joined the Chestermere team in January 2018 and has been enjoying the change of pace into primary care. Her interests include behavior, internal medicine and nutrition. Susan's goal is to help you, help your pet!

Her other passions include gardening, landscape and naturescape design. She still owns and loves terriers, and currently has a Kerry Blue Terrier named Ned!

Katelyn Rocan
Client Care Specialist

Katelyn Rocan

Katelyn is originally from Port Coquitlam British Columbia (BC). She has always had a connection with animals and the loss of a few of them only made that love stronger. Since the age of 6, she knew she wanted to be in the animal health field. She completed the Veterinary Office and Animal Care Certificate from Douglas College and first worked at a veterinary clinic in BC.

Katelyn joined the Chestermere team in the summer of 2018 as a Client Care Specialist. She greatly enjoys assisting clients, and also has a special interest in the pharmacy. 

Katelyn is an identical twin and is the first to move away from family to live in Alberta with her fiancee. Growing up, Katelyn and her sister were cadets, which taught valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership and citizenship. Katelyn loves to crochet and is a big book worm. She has a cat name Blackie, also known as Sweet Pea. 

Robyn Leclair
Client Care Specialist

Robyn Leclair

Robyn was born in Calgary and has lived here most of her life. When she was younger, she spent 5 years living with family in Sylvan Lake. Her family lived on an acreage near the lake, and spent most of their time outdoors. She has had the privilege of owning pets her entire life. 

Robyn joined the Chestermere team in June 2019 as a Client Care Specialist. She has always been a people person and loves interacting with others! Her passion for animals has been evident since her youth. Helping clients achieve healthy/happy pets is a satisfaction she couldn’t get anywhere else. Robyn finds educating pet owners about the well being of their pets very rewarding.

Robyn enjoys getting to see different pets every day, admiring the love and commitment owners have for their pets, and being part of a team that share likeminded goals to ensure the health and wellness of our valued patients and clients. She loves learning new things every day, this allows her to expand her knowledge towards a career she is proud of.

Robyn has 2 daughters and 3 fur babies, 1 dog (a blue nose Pitbull name Havoc AKA Cutie) and 2 cats Bonkers and Menace. The family enjoys the outdoors and go camping and off-road vehicle driving frequently. They are often found having camp fires in their backyard and BBQing with friends and family. Robyn also has 2 nieces that she adores.

Robyn's personal interests include gardening and spending time outdoors, making memories with her family and snuggling her fur babies! She has always been very athletic, and played soccer for the greater part of her youth. She also has extensive knowledge and experience in the landscaping industry and actively contributed to the landscape development of many local communities. Her 2 daughters are her pride and joy and now that they are growing up, Robyn can pursue a rewarding career that she has dreamt about since childhood. 

Angela Meyer
Clinic Administrator

Angela Meyer

Born and raised in Calgary, Angela always loved animals and had numerous pets growing up. She always knew she wanted to work with animals and graduated in 2006 from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Upon graduating, Angela worked at the University of Calgary’s Animal Resource Center as an Animal Care Technician. She joined the Chestermere Veterinary Clinic in March 2008 because she wanted to help keep pets healthy and live long happy lives with their families.

Angela currently works part time for the clinic so she can look after her young children. She is passionate about pet nutrition because it is one of the only things we can do every day to influence the health of our pets. She has attended numerous conferences and training programs in pet nutrition and she enjoys working with clients to find the best food to meet their pet’s needs at each stage in their life. Angela also enjoys educating clients about their pets in other ways, and looks after the clinics website and facebook page, where she can communicate with them by posting information and writing a blog on various pet related articles.

She rescued all of her current pets; a mixed breed dog named Baxter from the AARCS foundation, and 2 stray cats Penny and Rocket. The whole family including Baxter enjoys being active and going hiking, swimming and rollerblading. Penny and Rocket are indoor cats and love to cuddle and play together. Angela has always had a special interest in animal and environmental conservation and used to volunteer for the Calgary Zoo as a Conservation Research Ambassador.